My thoughts were been circumambulated with big questions that make my mind unrest, the world is full of villains, the skies are making attempt to reveal the shadows of the felonies, the sun keeps illuminating the wit of the healthy minds, liberties are beginning to find their ways, our sown seeds are beginning to germinate but loosing vigor rigorously, the society yearns for peace as insecurities have turned its calmness into rowdiness. The heads are stylishly tearing our freedom apart. Its highly expedient the illuminated ones open the mind of the rowdy minded ones.

Never sleep why the enemies of freedom are planning ways of servitude, things just don’t happen these days, they’ve got causes, perpetrators and reasons. Why are the global elites and the world government enabling doomness, unleashing terror on us? why are they taming our thought through mind control? why, why are they toying with our future with crook and covetous auspices, why are they instigating war on innocent people of the society? Why the false flags in other countries? Why, why are they intoxicating our water with Fluoride? Why? Why are they spraying chemtrails in the celestial body? Why are they manipulating the ionosphere through their dreaded high frequency active aurora research project (HAARP), why did they instigated flood in Brazil, why did they instigated the earthquake in China? What has the people of Haiti done to them to have deserved an earthquake, while did they caused the landslide of the Chile? They successfully caused the earthquakes in Japan and China, why? why famine in China?, why do the USA looses a thousand souls (children) every blessed day from the soil: who are the perpetrators of their kidnap and death? Our farmlands have been poisoned, our seeds intoxicated why?. Lemme ask again, why was the water on one of the islands of persian poisoned? Why did they killed one hundred and fifty two fishes (152) in the water body with tornadoes? Let’s ask them, they stole the Opium of the Afghans, oil of the Iraqis, now gold of the Libyans, why? I put forward again another sets of question: why should you indoctrinate fraternities into the society? Why? Must you induct innocent souls into cults? You kept producing accessories and gadgets that sweep away the right method of thinking from our youths, why? to my best of knowledge you embarking on dreaded research project to predict and control the charisma/behavior of an individual and this is to be completed by 2020 why? Why all these shitz, why, tell us the reason(s). Furthermore, close to 25% of US children are placed on mind numbing medication, why again? drugs have been produced to induce disorders in our body system why? why did they first tested the AIDS vaccines on the vietnamese when it was designed? Could these be signs of medical tyranny? You looted the federal reserves both home and dispora crippling the economy of the society? Why did you funded war and terrorism on our beloved soil? You designed the yom kippur war between the syria, isreal, egypt in the 1970s killing innocent souls why? Why? Why? Why all these.

Few minds have been opened and the large ones that are yet to be opened would be enlightened by massively strong and vibrant information. We need to stand on our feet and challenge all these covetous faustian acts that keep pining us down. Let’s have our freedom back and let peace finds it way…… Signed CentRay

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A bevy of people in the universe has been lured to belief the essence of being free in all ramification, yes, its certainly the best but obviously has been abused by most criminals the society encapsulated. The heart of an ordinary citizen should be engulfed with liberty and made to enjoin solace accrued from it. To the best of my knowledge libertarianism has been abused and hacked right from the onset of participation of faustian economists and social ideologists in governing the people. This is basically due to the fact that many of their ideologies, philosophies and teachings embraced acquisition of wealth at the expense of the consideration of another fellow (destitute), laws were promulgated and enacted to ensure maximum usury which is quite contrary to religious dogma. Most Libertarians do ensure to get more of what is suppose to be shared among the people even if its to task them indirectly. The mentality of an ordinary man has been directed towards * self reliance and freedom* not knowing that this reliance is actually gonna yield nothing until the rich intervene, his freedom has also been hacked and indirectly, he renders services to the rich in a manner similitude to that of servitude. Citizens pay tax and some criminals loot it, all the natural resources of the nation have been exposed to pilferage by the cabals to the thieves. Today’s actual sense of libertarianism is either embracing individualism or looking down collectivism which in the real sense the reversal of what ought to be. The craziest part of this issue is that, religious leaders have also been implicated in this covetous act though I regard them as fake leaders. Catholic Austrian scholar Thomas Woods has struggled mightily to justify the Austrian School’s endorsement of usury, which goes against authentic Catholic teachings. Woods supported his position by quoting Jesuit theologian Leonard Lessius (1554-1623), who, played a significant role in eroding the interest prohibition. Lord cromer, a former ruling governor of Egypt in 1898 made sheikh Mohammed Abduh a grand mufti (professor) of the islam motively to interpret the Koran with liberal and loophole for riding off the law prohibiting Usury in islam, all in the name of acquisition of what is expected to be for all to be acquired by one.
The world might not be settled when the screamed liberty is not achieved. A man having millions of dollars in his custody still strips off the pennies of the destitute, looks down the doughless man, walks away from the helpless and miserly freeze the properties of the needy society. Until the riches consider bearing the burden, the world will never attain peace. People empowered with this deceitful acts of libertarianism should open their mind and get to know that if the crippled is not cared for he constitute nuisance and they (the libertarians) get into trouble.
So, “never employ covetous ways of enslaving your fellow human being in the name liberation for it’s a slap and insult on sense of belongings”… CentRay

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“Fanaticism in the Black man’s mentality”
I still have to ponder about the extremism which has eroded a black man’s mentality. Being black doesn’t mean the wit is black and rowdy while white doesn’t stipulates perfections but as a matter of facts a black man has allowed his mentality to be instrumentalized as an object to embrace the pale colored’s reasonings. Autonomy of thought (in technologies) should be beheld with auspices from the appropriate quarters. Its the black that’ll usually go gaga at the sight of white man’s materials, he embraces it wit low conscience and rest his mind on the perfections of the white man’s acts, technologies, life processes. The sixth sense is meant for thinking on radical and irradical technologies inorder to cave out something reasonable from it while Nature is meant to be embraced to put off the light of ignorance. Let’s come to realities, a reasonable black man will everly depend of the white to solve some life puzzles, westernization has occupied the largest part of the brain, yeah, it is good ‘cos we get something true and helpful from it at the expense of killing our own mentality and derailing the power of the thoughts embedded in us while some are adversely affecting our way of life. Westernization almost stole all of our culture, technologies while we were busy planning evils and terrors to be unleashed on our fellow black man and perhaps we should have Africanization or Africanism to do our things in a well promising ways. Am not disputing the fact that we aint dullards and don’t have genius amongst us, yeah! but where will they get auspices to trigger the superiority?
This is why Africa will progress at a good slow rate ‘cos we’ve gat low reasonings about the future considering the way of importations of materials from the western world that are meant to either control our mind and subdue our thoughts under their sovereign or exploitation of dough from the pocket to develop themselves. Our leaders (excluding the looters) shouldn’t be too fanatic and radical of the west in the way they govern us, a black should be govern according to his way of life and not enforcing things on him and I mean shitz that are embraced by the whites.

Therefore, I implore every black man to make use of the brain, consider epistemologies acquired by oneself as the key to survival, and also, been dependant is a symptoms of diseases, Blacks (Africans) must boost their acumen of doing things morally, mentally, spiritually and acquire good sense of reasonings and belongings. It is also highly expedient, a black man sends his offsprings to school for quality education and sees them through an applauding vocational courses.

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Looting in the name of colonization
“Virtually all our wealth and treasures were taken away by the so called masters. They invaded our societies many decades ago all in the name of civilizing us not knowing we’ve hospitalized the most hardened and dreaded thieves of the ages. They stole our culture, they went away with our technologies and kept our belongings. They came to Africa, to steal the Gold of the GoldCoast, they were in west Africa to gather our diamond, bitumen, copper, iron and other valuable natural assets just to rebrand colonialism. They were in Egypt, to gather valuable societal, historical materials in order to bid for them, they invaded the North of the continent to claim the inestimable Gold and oil, Nigeria wasn’t left out. Our valuable papers, books, write ups were also stolen by them to boost their gnosticism/wit. The beautiful invaluable arts of Africa were taken away to compact their museums. They were in timbuktu to learn more about life processes, they were in South Africa to purchase the state, they stole and didn’t even forget to steal our precious animals too. The annoying issue is that what we’ve got in return is *rebranded servitude*
In short, who told them we were morons and don’t have wit to govern ourselves? We weren’t ignorance of Life and God when they came, we made use of our initiatives before their arrival, their presence only brought, deceit, overt and covert menace upon us in the sense that they lambasted and threatened our elders who are not willing to succumb with death, they held their families hostages and implicated their societies and waged war against the people of the state. The stupid ones who succumbed were deceived and were made elements of Usury, Looting and bad governance. They should be held responsible for the downs of our societies, ‘cos they loot our wealth, treasures and even the lives of our brothers ”

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*Population Reduction?* Everyone should stand against the world government, the bad leaders should be repatriated to the dungeon, the traitors should not be forgiven, those found guilty of felonies should be exiled, the humanists should be destroyed, the global elites should be hacked, should 120 people conspire against close to 10billion people? or we conspire against them. Despite their efforts to cut off our population it still increased exponentially. They poisoned our food stuffs, they poisoned our medicines, they invented vaccines to drastically decrease rate of growth, they invented pills to kill our sperm count, they invented diseases to reduce our life span, they manipulated the weather to cause famine, they indulged in activities manipulating the celestial bodies for adverse effects on our life processes, they instigated drought and poisoned our water and finally embarked on dreaded wars to reduce our population all in the name of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Must you reduce us to govern us? God wouldn’t have created us if we were to give him problems in handling our population and if He didn’t create us, would you have found something to unleash your terror on?
My Dear brothers/sisters, never sleep while the roof is on fire, do not be negligence of fight back, the world is ours and its centralized autonomy shouldn’t be dreaded on us, act now and safe your generation. Here’s the quote of a great freedom fighter “the Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it politic? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular- but one must take it simply because it is right.” ~Martin Luther King Jr……….. Signed CentRay

Its so pathetic the United Nation still continues the policy of Divide and Rule. These same policy that broke former soviet into thirteen elements, it broke the somali into five different regions into the kenya, djoubt and others, partioning of the Ethiopia causing cessation of the Eritrea. This policy insinuated the tribal unrest of the Liberian people, the Central African Republic. Its vastly confirmed and accepted that Africa is the wealthiest continent in the universe and the cabbals must help impoverish and extort this continent to get the blooming wealth through the assistance of UN.

The deception of this cabbals still continues today considering the flashpoints of the sudan. The Sudan was one not untill deception and manipulation of her people (South Sudan) claimed victorious. The people of the south -sudan were manipulated under the policy of divide and rule to cessede from the North which proved stubborn and invulnerable to the venerated deception of the western cabbals to thwarting the country’s economy and put it under the countrol of the international banksters of the US federal reserve as well as the London Corporation. The South Sudan which is a vastly oil-rich region was forced to break away from the North through merciless refrendum voting insinuated by these cabbals.

Bloody desperation to control the South Sudan’s wealth and economy has recently caused rival assaults of the army of the elites’ loyalist and non-conformist who wouldnt surrender to the cabbal’s instruction. South Sudanese oil fields are the problems and fierce attempt are been taken to get the oil fields by the elites, keep the country’s rival ethnic groups on war and despise while they (cabbals) getting busy with the sharing and control of the country’s wealth.

African countries has always fallen victims of deception. Largest people of African still have mind and eyes that do not see deceptions of the criminals within the surroundings, we need to get awakened and repartriate the real enemies and stop fighting and despising each other.

Viva Africa!!!!!

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Do not be fooled and brainwashed!!!

The Nazi aint in extinct what we have now is a rebranded Nazism. The Nazi was created by the moguls and death cabals with the opinion of diversifying the attention of the awaken to believe in the true cruelty of the so-called evil axis (Hitler and Musolini). The Nazi was created by the Azkhenazi jew dynasty Rothschild who tagged his dynasty the powerful 13th tribe. The secrete behind Hitler rise to power was hinted by this criminally inclined dynasty, One could affirmatively asserts tht Hitler was a half blood of this family ‘cos his mother was a serving maid in the Rothschild house and was expelled by the head of the house when they found out she was pregnant and couldnt accout for the pepetrator of her pregnancy. The Hitler’s Nazi was created at the time when the world of the dynasty desperately needed to boost their financial pocket and devised means of actualizing tht. War is a real time business to this criminals and they needed to plan a dreaded drama. The dynasty cladestinely financed the two sides in war (Nazis vs Allies headed by the US) through prescott Bush. Among the very bad objectives of mumbo-jumbo is to exterminate as many as possible jews before the creation of ISREAL, to make them governable.

The Nazi was also created to be inducted into the CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, MI6. The sole objective of this is to inculcate and employ the tactics of the dreaded Nazis. In the 1960s CIA acknowledged it was actually using the technology and hiring the experts of the Nazis Doctors to run its mind control programme which its still in place till date. Tens of thousands of the Nazis ( soldiers, technologists, doctors and others) whom we were told have either been killed or got-rid off were secretely incorporated into the western affairs to boost their power and fierceness.


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If you are an African listen, Never believe the time of colonization is over. No its not. Here cometh the most deadly and dreaded era of imperialism as dictated by overt and covert invasion of Africa by America and its allies.

The country ‘America’ under the pretext of combating terrorism which it initiated in Africa is expanding its Military bases for its boss (Israel) on the continent. AFRICOM a military wing of the American policy in Africa is vast expanding its Drone bases in Africa ( Djibout, another in NW Africa, Niger) training of local soldiers, importation of sophistiated weapons, smuggling of arms (most of the 250,000 AK 47s procurred by America for the Iraqi war got their ways to Africa) all in the name of getting ready for recolonization to hasten the execution of the new world Order.

Wake Up, be prepared to repel oppression by spreading the truth. Most of our leaders are


busy running errands for this imperialists and wouldnt listen to our agitations.

Our live is our world
Our world is our freedom
Our freedom is our Peace.


Violation of human right has been an issue soaring higher in the world, thousands of civillians have been ambushed, lifes and properties have been lost, and the economy has been bastardized, people live under low standard of living, little access to medical aids, works and electricity and yet they still scream that the worst is yet to come. Invasion by the global elites in the midle east through their overt, covert and military operation has crippled the region and ASIA continent has a whole, the zionist led force is basically invading this region in the pretext of war covertly to loot the wealth of this region as well as reduce the population inorder to make the region governable for them. Several measures have been taken to ensure that their obtain their objectives. Years ago, they infected the most of the Arabs with a SARS virus lots in Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with high infections in the Hongkong and China, Latest development about this devilish act is been carried out by the pair Biritsh-French force inventing another deadlier Virus proposed to be used in the middle east under the bio-chemical weapon programmes, we should forget that its these criminals that invented AIDS and started its infection on Asians. BIO-CHEMICAL weapons is the most dreaded weapons of the ages because it reduces the popluation drastically, kill the human generation abilities and capabilities as well as alters the genetic make up of a particular race which could have adverse effects on the future generation, a good example of these is what we have in Hiroshima and some other area in Japan, Pakistan to mention lil. Population reduction has been a sole aim in the destruction of the middle east because the region stands to be the most fierce resistible area of the world that could make the New world Order a mess when finally put in place… The methodology employed reduces the population of those in the region as well as those bouncing on them { Soldiers from the countries invading) It is highly expedient the countries of the region bound powers and coperate together to repartriate the enemies from both within and outside the gate

The greatest problem we have in this world is that quite lots of men are diffidently malleable, in the sense that they just believe assertions of others without scrutinizing and delving into them to obtain the truth value. This is basically why we have lots of zombies and dunderheads constituting nuisance of extremism in the society as well as passing on filthy ideologies and principles that should be discarded in epistemology I urge you brothers and sisters out there to be mindful and watchful of the kind of dogma you accept and embrace.


Mind Opening questions (MOQs).

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